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The cost of the video

One of the most common questions in our field is as follows: “How much does a one-minute video cost?» :)

Let’s imagine 2 videos:
1) A person sits at the table and during one minute describes what his company does.
2) The quadrocopter shoots as on a yacht near a small island in the Pacific ocean the hero of Keanu Reeves fights with an unknown sea monster, performing stunt tricks, eventually saving the heroine of Pamela Anderson and then flying away with her at Mars.

Even if the timing of the second story takes 30 seconds, and video with the person at the table lasts not a minute, but an hour, the scales of the projects are still uncomparable, aren’t they? :) And the parameter «video duration» does not primarily affect the price.

That’s why the approximate cost can be announced only after we understand the task of shooting (in order to make this process as easy as possible you can download and fill in the brief right now by clicking the button «Calculate the cost» and sending the completed document to us by email
The final cost of production will be clear only at the stage of writing the concept and scenario.

We do not have a universal formula, but we have special ingredients: we put our heart into each project and emotions into each video, we treat each client with attention and each task with imagination and professionalism. Even after the titers, they continue to live and perform their task. Our goal is to make a video for you, after which the viewers will become your co-thinkers.

Tell us about your task in as much detail as possible and we will tell you how to make high-quality and beautiful work that will perform its function within your budget.

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